The Top 3 Must Have Independent Living Aids for Active Seniors

The Top 3 Must Have Independent Living Aids for Active Seniors

There are a lot of independent living aids or gadgets, if you will, available today for the elderly and seniors that can be very helpful. However, many of these are not known by most people. If you are a caregiver or an active senior you will want to read on to learn the top 3 must have, independent living aids for seniors. All three of these can help make life much easier for senior citizens.

Cell phones can be very helpful for everyone today.

However, for seniors that are experiencing vision problems sometimes, the numbers can be hard to see and push. Most phones are so small and the keys are even smaller that the fingers of the elderly have a hard time dialing a number. The solution is a phone that has over-sized keys and large easy to read numbers.
Cell phones like this which have large keys and print, make it very easy for seniors to make calls. These phones even have an SOS button for emergency calls. The numbers keypad on these phones is lit so it can be seen in complete darkness and the phone also doubles as a flashlight, putting out a 20-foot beam of light. Other helpful features include numbers that speak when pressed and a button that allows the phone to substitute for an FM radio.
Many seniors watch television but cannot afford to buy a new flat screen version even though the large screen format would be easier to see. However, there is a viable solution.

A TV Screen Enlarger works wonders in helping the elderly see the picture coming from their television better.

This is a large magnifier made of durable acrylic. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit different size screens and it practically doubles the size of the image. This makes it much easier for the picture to be enjoyed, especially for the vision impaired.
The image it provides is sharp, clear and distortion-free. The enlarged image can be adjusted easily by varying the distance between the television screen and the lens.

Another helpful independent living aid for seniors is a talking clock.

These devices can be adjusted to announce the time each hour. There is a button on top that when pushed will announce audibly the exact time at that moment. That can be very helpful, especially for seniors that need to know the time to take their medications.
The numbers on these clocks are large and easy to read. Some versions have backlighting so there are quite easy to see at night or in dim light.
Another very popular and helpful independent living aid for seniors is the large print keyboard for a home computer. Many seniors use computers and most keyboards, like cell phones have very small, hard to see letter keys. Having a keyboard that is backlit and has large oversized letters and keys can be very helpful.
Taking these devices into consideration will go a long way to help the seniors enjoy a better stay at independent living homes

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