The Nine Different Types of Assisted Living

The Nine Different Types of Assisted Living

It is very good that you learn about the various types of assisted living. Knowing this information may be essential for your neighbor, family member, friend or even for ourselves. It is good that you are prepared with the different forms of services that are available. It is also important that you know how much these services cost, how to put them up, and which important persons must be contacted.

Nowadays, most families are becoming more involved with taking care of an elder person in their respective houses. This is expected to even increase given that there are more Baby Boomers. Taking care of the elderly could be a very rewarding thing for a member of a family. However, it is also considered to be very challenging. New skills have to be learned. To an extent, some time has to be given up to do the task. Added to that is the need to deal with several problems that are unfamiliar.

Constant emotional support for the elder person must also be present. More than that, they have to be involved as well in some decisions. For the caregiver, this could be both physically and emotionally draining. More than that, caregivers are supposed to watch out for themselves as well in order for them to have a strong mind and body.

An old person has several problems. As a caregiver, you should know how to handle each type so that you will be able to deliver the best possible care to the patient. Some of the most frequent problems are the following: incontinence, breathing problems, constipation, bone weakness, hearing problems, forgetfulness, swallowing problems, sleeping, pain and a lot more. It will be good if the caregiver could access the chosen physician for some questions on care.

Below are the nine types of assisted living:

Living with Less Stress
Living with Less Stress
  1. Independent Living

There are some seniors who want to just to live by themselves for a very long period of times. This is not a bad option and usually, there are ways by which they could be helped in making this independent living an experience that is good for them. One way by which their independent living could be made easier is by making cooking easier for them. There are Meals on Wheels services which will ensure that seniors are getting good meals within a day. You could also contact a website that will be delivering a meal at the homes of these senior citizens every day. With this service, seniors still become in control of their lives. They are still independent but they are being able to have a more convenient lifestyle. Another way by which their independent livings could be made convenient is by availing Handi-care buses which could be used for doctor appointments as well as for other different services.

  1. Retirement Homes

These are homes that are apartment-like. They are usually located within a community. Inside the community, there is medical staff that is available when there is something that is needed by the senior citizens. In their apartments, senior citizens usually get a room which is big enough for them to place necessary appliances and furniture like a bed, a dresser, a T.V., a chair, a table, and some other few types of furniture. They could even place pictures within the wall in order to make it feel homier. Extensive care is assured since the medical staff is present on-call. The seniors could come and go anytime they want. They could even keep a car if they have one.

  1. In-Home Care

Several organizations and associations are providing help in this area. In this set-up, the senior just stays at the comforts of his own home. There will just be someone who will frequently come in to provide help with cleaning, cooking, washing clothes and other different services. This is good for those seniors who need very limited care and just need help with basic household chores.

  1. Shared Housing

Aside from this being a rewarding experience, it could also help the senior cut down on his expenses. In this setup, some people will be made to move into the house of the senior. Then, they will be sharing expenses and shall be looking out for one another. Some of the costs that may be split up may include the household rent or it may include the payment of other bills like water and electricity.

  1. Adult Foster Care

Several families are now interested in taking in a senior in their house which they will care for. For them, this experience is a very rewarding one. Most of those who do this are those children that do not have any grandparents. They could be a nurse or just a random person who is very caring about the elderly.

  1. Adult Day-Care

In this setup, the elderly will be dropped off in a daycare center. They will stay there for hours. Usually, they are being provided with their meals. They also get their medications. Most importantly, they are being given the care that they need and they are being put in a safe environment.

  1. Group Homes

In group homes, seniors are living in a home together with some other senior citizens plus a caregiver. Normally, there will be 6 persons within a home. They experience having a family atmosphere there, wherein they work together within the household.

  1. Assisted Living

The setting in this type of assisted care is of a room type. Here, the senior has some furniture of his own. Then, he will be furnished with his meals and there will be people in charge of cleaning his clothes. There is also a medical staff nearby which assists in giving the medication of the senior citizen. They also take care of some minor problems which may arise.

  1. Nursing Homes

Comprehensive care is being given in this type of setup. Here there is medical staff that is available for twenty-four hours. They do rounds in giving medications and therapy. The rooms here are usually shared. Aside from medications, all the meals are also being provided

The individual has several choices on to what type of assisted living he wants for their elderly. These solutions are very good for those individuals who could not afford to live alone anymore. Knowing this information could be useful in helping the elderly to have an easier transition for their aging life.

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