Independent Living Help Devices (Aids) for Elders

Independent Living Help Devices (Aids) for Elders

Independent living aids help seniors stay independent and in their own homes much longer. There are many reasons why this is important.

Staying independent longer helps the senior have a feeling of self-confidence and independence. This can, in turn, extend their lives.

Most people do not like to rely on others too much, preferring to take care of things themselves. They don’t want to be a bother or nuisance.

Living at home longer is less expensive than going to a nursing facility.

So Many Choices!

Because the baby boomer generation is so large, many new and innovative companies are dedicated to creating independent living aids for them as they age. Here is a small sampling to give you an idea of what is available.

Instant Help Devices

One such independent living aid is a 24 Hour Nurse Line/Emergency Response Service. The user receives a small box to setup in the home, and a pendent to wear. In the event of an emergency, the user presses the red button and 911 is summoned to the home.

If there is not an emergency, but your parent has symptoms that he/she is confused about, simply press the white button on either the box or the pendent. This opens a channel to a nurse call center where a registered nurse patiently talks to the caller, asking important questions about medications and symptoms. Any of the following can happen during a call:

Calling 911 immediately if the nurse determines it is a medical emergency.

Having the caller contact the primary care physician to schedule an appointment.

Self care. This is what happens in the majority of calls. As just one example, the nurse will make recommendations regarding medications, such as taking medications at a specific time of day, or even stopping a medication if the nurse believes this is the best course of action.

Other advice as the nurse deems appropriate.

Bedroom and Bathroom Devices

There are many different independent living aids for the bedroom. There are organizers for your cane that attach directly to the bed, handrails, and even pillows that can help reduce neck and back strain.

One of the more ingenious products is a unique device that fits over single vision lenses. The built-in prism actually turns the image 90 degrees, so you don’t even have to lean up to watch television or read a book.

Independent living aid products are also available for bathrooms. One of the recent items that is growing in popularity is the walk-in tub. These tubs are larger than regular tubs, have a door on one side and a seat. You simply open the door and go in, seal it up and start your bath. They have adjustable shower heads that you can hold in your hand, or you can fill it with water and take a bath. The door is completely sealed with a rubber ring and the pressure from the weight of the water. There are also a variety of different styles to choose from. There are also many different kinds of attachments that can be put in your bathroom like handles and lighted mirrors that can be of great use.

Kitchen Devices

There are also many different aids for around the kitchen as well. There are many devices for people who have limited use of their hands, from cutting boards with gentle vises on them for slicing fruits and vegetables, plastic guards that hold bread so you can use spreads with one hand. There are mini food choppers, can and bottle openers, and even an adjustable pot holder that has a suction cup. This device holds pots on the stock and uses the suction cup to secure itself to the stove top, ideal for stirring when you have limited mobility.

Help your parents live at home longer by using new products and services designed specifically for them.

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